June 3, 2007

top songs:
bob marley – waiting in vain
van morrison – old old woodstock
van morrison – into the mystic
rocky votolato – tinfoil hats
bob marley – exodus
as tall as lions – ghost of york
as tall as lions – i’m kicking myself
as tall as lions – maybe i’m just tired
sublime – scarlet begonias
adrian latrace jr – a summer adieu
santo and johnny – summertime
santo and johnny – sleepwalk
led zeppelin – dancing days
led zeppelin – baby come on home
led zeppelin – the girl i love has long black wavy hair
led zeppelin – the rain song
led zeppelin – ten years gone
justice – P.H.A.N.T.O.M.
justice – D.A.N.C.E.
the zombies – time of the season
the guess who – american woman
john mayer – new deep
as tall as lions – milk and honey
the beach boys – let’s go away for a while
motley crue – hooligan’s holiday
the looking glass – brandy
stone temple pilots – dancing days
black sabbath – war pigs
black sabbath – planet caravan
minus the bear – part 2
minus the bear – when we escape

download the mix here.

general: being busy all the time, not getting enough sleep, living off of next to no cash, playing wii on larger and larger screens, living every day to the fullest, so many bonfires, driving hundreds of miles in a week, dressing classier than i have to everyday, dive bars, high roller clubs, fulfilling the stereotype of a young professional.
i can’t tell you how much i miss my civic and getting 35 miles per gallon.
yet i still want a hot rod.

basics: gmail/googletalk, nalgene, windows down, wii, summer tunes, never being home, intelligent conversation, living out of the trunk of my car.

work: i can’t even begin to tell you how much in love i am with every little aspect about my job.
i’m getting a good feel for how things are going to be very soon, and i love it.
please come visit me, i’ll buy you lunch.

school: N/A.

family: ups and downs.

social: incredible.

drink: jameson, rocks.

book: GPS development kit spec sheets. lots of them. decoding NMEA data logs.

music: i open my windows, put on classic rock, turn my stereo as high it can go, drive too fast, and dream i’m living in 1976.

70’s summer mixes, the beach boys, tstctc, ghosts + vodka, rx bandits, bob marley, deer hunter, jus†ice, RUSH, deja entendu, david gilmour, the sound of animals fighting, new minus the bear, the loop, the drive, xrt, the zone.
the sounds of summer.

random: if you know anyone that’s has a really old coke/pepsi machine or a record playing jukebox and would maybe want to get rid of it, hit me up.

the beach boys are possibly my favorite band of all time.