July 3, 2007

top songs of june:
air – one hell of a party
iggy pop – success
minus the bear – lotus
minus the bear – when we escape
modest mouse – world at large
miles davis – moon dreams
taking back sunday – your own disaster
bright eyes – we are nowhere and it’s now
minus the bear – houston we have uh-oh
michael buble – summer wind
the arcade fire – keep the car running
the dear hunter – overture

kanye west and daft punk – stronger

general: strange daily encounters, driving too fast, listening to music too loud, having literally zero free time, picture mail, almost going over 3000 text messages, having my life on my phone, city visits, wisconsin, sleeping in the sun, big bags of fun, learning how people work and reading them.
my life is a minus the bear song.

basics: google, opera, MDA, wii, bed, dry cleaner, sunroof, car, tunes, b00ze, smokes.
fuck the iphone.

work: i am the best at what i do.
everyday i’m so grateful that i got this job.
the days go quick i enjoy myself so much.
it feels nice being the one innovating technology instead of just utilizing it.
getting paid lots is pretty nice, too.
i just throw on my ipod and get to run sweet data tests all day and process it all.
the structure for interns is pretty loose, a lot more loose than i was expecting.
my superiors are more and more impressed me with every project.
there’s a good amount of young cool young engineers i’m buddies with.
in less than 2 weeks we move into the new 4 million dollar building that’s made exclusively for engineers

school: i’m really excited for next year, even though it’s the end of the line.
hopefully by then i’ll be a little bit more mature and ready for the real world.
with all of my friends graduating and making ridiculous amounts of money,
moving up and on with everything in my life would be a lot easier if i was in that boat.
i can’t wait for a year of easy college girls and faking relationships with them.

family: my sister is a dumb bitch that needs to get her shit together.

social: hanging out every night of the week.
i wish some people weren’t out of state so often.

romantic: girls of summer, office babes, michigan avenue professional babes, any girl in a little black dress and black stilettos, dates in the hancock building, cute polish girls, girls with vocabulary and intellect, sneaking on rooftops, cubs.
i don’t know how it works, but right when i’m through with one girl, a new, hotter one always comes along. this is the 4th time in a row.
i’m done with artsy girls. they’re simply dumb.
i like stereotypical girly girls. girls that can dress. girls that know how to take care of themselves. girls that can teach me things. girls with intellect. and vocabulary. and of course bitchin’ good looks.

all in all, it’s been a rollercoaster.

drink: classy irish microbrew pints, $12 drinks on the 96th floor of the hancock, bottles of wine on piers with fireworks.

book: maxim, RSS, no time for books.
on a similar note, it feels good writing again, especially when it’s about technology.

music: 60’s, dark jazz, trio, still new minus the bear, still all minus the bear ever, at the drive-in, black sabbath, the sound of animals fighting, jeff buckley.
led zeppelin – moby dick (how the west was won) is probably the best drumming i’ve ever heard.
i haven’t gotten into anything new in a while, and i’m ok with that.

random: i leave for california tomorrow.
there’s a girl out there, with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair.

in general, i see my life right now as an intermediary between college and real life.
i know what i want, and i know how to get it; it’s all only a matter of time.
it’s tough living at my dad’s house in a small bedroom and dealing with dumb family shit on a daily basis knowing that in 11 months i’ll be in a ridiculous place in the city living my dreams.

i seriously know way too much about technology.
and current events in technology.
so nerdy.


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