July 16, 2007

best vacation ever.

every time i come to california, it makes it harder and harder to leave.
i can envision entirely what my life would look like if i lived here… and it’s looking good.
if i don’t find some smokin babe in chicago to marry in the next 7 years i’m heading out west and never looking back.
it seems like an entirely different mindset that feels so much more like me.
and the women… oh man…

+whale watching from cliffs
+hanging off of said cliffs
+canon digital rebel xt
+blues, beach boys, reggae
+sneaking on the roof of the hotel to smoke all the time
-losing a few hundred digital pictures

and pretty polish girls in encino and the things we do on the beach and in the ocean at 4 a.m.

i wish they all could be california girls.


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