August 1, 2007

top songs of july:
hot rod circuit – the pharmacist
allman brothers band – ain’t wastin’ time no more
led zeppelin – ramble on
dusty springfield – spooky
neil young – my my, hey hey
john mayer – split screen sadness
modest mouse – world at large
zz top – well dressed man
the sound of animals fighting – the heretic
john mayer – city love
zwan – el sol
jimmy buffet – changes in latitude
wilco – on and on and on
gerry rafferty – baker street
the snake the cross the crown – electric dream plant
mason williams – classical gas
john mayer – covered in the rain (as/is)
led zeppelin – the rain song
death cab for cutie – a lack of color
the moody blues – tuesday afternoon

general: california, bikes, boobs, pacific, riding bikes along the ocean, summer beer, shopping, free birthday dinners, being 22, beginning to plan the rest of my life, moving up and on, new vinyl, upgrading my technological arsenal, ridiculous stories, police stations, wii injuries, google talk, cottage, extreme jet skiing, getting pulled over for “reckless driving” and “public endangerment” on said jet ski, getting out of both tickets, unbelievable sushi, work buddies.
this summer is flying by, but july is always a good month for me.

basics: a recent epiphany involved waking up early in a bed in chicago in the summertime with a girl and then going to my professional job.
i know i’m going to miss school, but i know i’m going to love life.
we already know where we want to live , and i already know what car(s) i want.
yes, they’re extravagant and excessive.
but this is 23 years in the making, of me paying the majority of my way through school and living as frugally as possible.
it’s time things are on my terms.

work: myself and the rest of the engineering team moved into a brand new 4 million dollar building.
the conference room has a star-trek style door with an exact replica of the shakespeare bust from the old batman tv show where you lift it up and there’s a button underneath it.
i can’t even begin to tell you how insane and nice it is.
me and my buddies get to make compressed air bombs and goof off.
i get to take company cars to downtown chicago 45 minutes away to do prototype tests all day.
it’s nice having gigantic budgets so we can buy an extra $20,000 spectrum analyzer when we want to.
being a design engineer, our team is directly under the executive board in the corporate hierarchy.
so we basically get to do whatever the fuck we want.

it’s nice knowing that my work, even as an intern, has so much weight.
the company takes my work very seriously and my work and research has had much influence on the way we’ve done things with our projects.
it feels great to know you make a difference.
i put in the extra effort to call vendors and sales reps, be on top of the latest technology and try figuring out how everything is going to work.
i report to my superiors and they’re extremely impressed with my talent and effort and it’s such a rewarding feeling.
i am the best at what i do.

school: i can’t wait to finish, and i can’t wait to get back.
i just need to kick some serious ass and take care of business.
my internship is helping me become an extremely organized and productive individual which i know will transfer over to school.
i’m pumped to live with new roomates, we move in this weekend.
i already have a layout and wiring diagram for my ridiculously techy room setup.

family: i can’t wait to move out of my parent’s house for good.
however, i told my dad i’m going to keep my 72 camaro SS in his new garage he’s building, and drive it on the weekends.

social: old and new.
going out every night and making the most out of my summer.
i like hanging out with other professionals.
it drives my competitive force.

romantic: moving up and on.
i appreciate a good relationship more than anyone, but i love being a dynamic entity and dropping stupid girls without hesitation.
things are in motion, the future is approaching, and i have no room in my life for girls that will only hold me down.
i think i’m finally done with my artsy/scenester girl phase, for an infinite amount of reasons.

drink: bars with 770 beers on menu, ridiculously classy clubs, record setting beer gardens, wisconsin microbrews, shots bought by rich beautiful intelligent women, newcastle, more summer beer.

book: nothing, no time, barely even any RSS.
it’s good and bad.

music: taking back sunday – where you want to be and modest mouse – good news for people who love bad news are incredible summer cd’s.
i’m falling back in love with at the drive-in – relationship of command as another classic summer cd.
right along with brand new – deja entendu (in addition to it being one of my favorite records ever).
it’s funny how i put on these records and am immediately taken back in my mind to the summer times i affiliate with them up to 6 years ago.
i’m getting into ambient german dark jazz, i like it a lot.

random: despite my otherwise successful attempts to minimize my physical possessions, i’ve realized the better solution is to have expensive, yet fluid and functional solutions to my various technological needs. it’s nice.


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