August 31, 2007

top songs of august:
zz top – legs
pink floyd – vera
tom petty – mary jane’s last dance
the sound of animals fighting – my horse must lose
the album leaf – always for you
the album leaf – story board
do make say think – a tender history in rust
the arcade fire – keep the car running
crosby stills and nash – just a song before i go
fields – roll down the hill
genesis – tonight tonight tonight
the smashing pumpkins – tarantula
sparklehorse – the knives of summertime
the album leaf – streamside
the weakerthans – virtute the cat explains her departure
joy division – love will tear us apart
ELO – showdown
foo fighters – baker street
wilco – either way
zwan – el sol
grizzly bear – knife
minus the bear – when we escape
minus the bear – white mystery
grizzly bear – little brother

general: matt skiba all access, meteor showers in the middle of my lake, wii everywhere, my house being ridiculous before school even starts, taking tons of pictures, dekalb farmer’s market, going out every night, being too busy.

basics: apple tv, ipod, laptop, coffee, business lunches, sushi, classy beer, backpack, shades, HBO on demand, my house.

work: according to the CTO, i’m “unofficially hired”.
however i don’t like to rely on this as i’ve learned there are no such things as a “sure thing”.
fortune 500 companies come visit and get catered food for the engineers and i steal it all.

my second to last day i took the CTO out to lunch.
initially i was very frightened by this guy both by his power and he seemed to just be too busy to bother with you.
turns out he’s a fucking awesome guy and we share many of the same interests such as sushi/beer/technological security.
this is the same guy who got his doctorate in conceptual physics from MIT.
he’s in his early 30’s, makes an unreal amount of money, has traveled the world, has all these refined tastes (of which i also enjoy).
i just feel that there was some sort of underlying connection showing me the potential of what i can be.
i’m just so curious on the exact details the future holds for me.
as much as i love my job, i do enjoy being at school and being able to sit down for 10 minutes without constantly worrying about what’s going to happen within the next 24 hours.

school: back in the groove.
my townhouse is already ridiculous.
roomates are awesome.
it’s nice having a super clean and nice house.
i keep cooking lots of crazy stuff, sushi is next.
dekalb was declared a national disaster area due to all of the flooding.
my internship let me see how life is going to be very soon, it makes me appreciate this year a lot more.
classes are more ridiculous than ever, but i’m excited for all the things i’m going to learn.
my classes are all set up for me to graduate in the spring.
however, i feel like there’s going to be one little thing holding me back when the time comes.

family: i’m isolated.

social: i’m having a great time.
i’m doing new things and hanging out with new people and loving it.
i’ve noticed i’ve been very on top of my humor and making witty, clever jokes.
it’s amusing when i incorporate references in them and nobody picks up on it.

through smoking i’ve learned a lot.
mostly, i’ve learned that the people that do smoke tend to have a much deeper aspect on life in general and are very friendly relateable people.
yea, there’s just idiots in the mix too, but the people i meet through smoking tend to always be a good, enlightening experience.

lately i’ve come to greatly appreciate having lots of friends who know tons about technology and just fellow geeks.
it’s nice to hang out with people who have your exact same deep interests and we can have intelligent conversations about in depth stuff that nobody knows about.
i’m proud to be a part of the geek/hacker/engineer/technologist counterculture and knowing how deep it runs.
it kills me that i missed DEFCON this year, next year for sure.
plus oktoberfest, and maybe tokyo for sakura matsuri, and maybe lollapalooza (i don’t dig big concerts).

romantic: this chick i used to date in the city just got engaged.
that’s fucking weird.
these last few months i’ve been seeing it more and more how people are just starting to get old and have real lives and real jobs and kids.
i now know 4 people that are engaged, and countless that are working full time now.

i flirt with this really nice cute little blonde polish girl on the production floor.
she speaks very little english so she just giggles and smiles and says something in polish.
any woman who knows how to operate a 1.2 million dollar wave soldering machine makes me melt.

gina is my godsend.
she arranges everything in my room and kitchen and when i offer my help she tells me to go sit down and drink beer with my friends.
she comes over, brings me ice cream cake and trays of incredible baked mostacolli and cooks for my roomates and i.
she picks us up at any time and drives us from bar to bar.
and brings snacks for the rides.
other than that, it’s very good to be back at school.

drink: $2 lienie pints at mollys, $5 pitchers at alumni, beer shopping at lundeen’s
leinenkugel’s berry weisse + summer shandy = pink lemonade = incredible, $4.50 long island pitchers, $2 you call its all week, free cover/keg/VIP every thursday.

book: the inferno.

music: the album leaf, kammerflimmer kollektief, jimmy eat world, brian eno, miles davis, grizzly bear, the album leaf, still all minus the bear, new weakerthans, the arcade fire, 23 minute long live zeppelin tracks, the doors – live in boston.

new weird dumb indie music seldom impresses me these days.
instead, i listen to old songs and artists that nobody’s ever heard of.
however, it breaks my heart that i wasn’t my current age in the 1970’s and get to see these incredible bands in their prime.
plus drive a wicked camaro SS and more or less live like in “dazed and confused.”

random: i sleep on average, 3 hours a night.
it pisses me off when people won’t go out because they “have work in the morning”.

ever since moving to my new place, i’ve been trying to practice minimalism as much as possible.
it’s getting a little ridiculous.
anything i don’t need in the immediate future is thrown out without hesitation.

engineering is fucking with my mind.
i tie it into everything in society.
e.g. speakers were designed to mimic sounds (vocals), microphones for ears, cameras for eyes.
we’re replacing ourselves.


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