September 2, 2007

the google phone rumour is something i’ve been following for about 8 months now.
in the last few weeks there have been multiple insider reports along with many other factors that makes me believe in it.

my predictions i’m very confident about:

  • Q1 2008 for sure, the same time the 3G iphone will be possibly rolling out
  • made by HTC (same people that make my phone and many others)
  • linux OS, google customized with all google apps. think google talk with VoIP, google maps with built in GPS, plus all mail and document functions
  • probably all touch screen, but a QWERTY would make me very happy

possiblities (only rumors, but still very possible):

  • function on 700 MHz spectrum, of which the FCC is auctioning off january 16th, 2008, of which google is “extremely interested” in purchasing
  • $100 for the phone, free internet/service
  • incorporated ads
  • samsung also manufacturing the device
  • wimax? google has spoken of nationwide free wi-fi…

how did i come to these conclusions?

  1. in 2006, google quietly acquired a company called android. it’s a mobile software company that happens to be started by the same guy who co-founded danger (sidekick) and he also used to be the president and CEO. word is they developed a linux based OS that’s extremely versatile and would go nicely onto pretty much any hardware.
  2. the 700 MHz spectrum. the FCC announced a few months ago that they were going to sell the 700 MHz frequency spectrum in january ’08. google has released press statements where they said that they were “extremely interested” in bidding. last i heard, they had about $4.6b allocated to this. i also heard that the chairman of the FCC is giving google a bunch of shit and trying to hold it back. getting devices FCC approved is probably the hardest part in designing and launching any device that uses wireless communications, i know from experience.
  3. google backed a “white space coalition” group along with microsoft, intel, dell, HP, earthlink and phillips. this was reseach done seeing if the frequency gaps of analog tv is able to be used for communication. they say it works, the FCC said it doesn’t.
  4. the same company that makes the touch screen for the iphone received an order last week for 8 million touch screens from a mystery buyer.

time will tell.


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