summer summary.

September 19, 2007

this summer was by far the most different and best summer thus far of my life.
i can’t believe how much i’ve learned and what i’ve gotten out of it.
i actually had a real job, where i did real work, and got paid real money.
it was nice being a young professional hanging around other young professionals in the office and on the weekends.

i did a lot of growing up this summer in many ways.
while i’m entirely frightened of growing old and all of the drastic changes that are going to take place in the next year…
i realize that in the mass spectrum, i am still young. very young.
this summer is the bridge transitioning the lazy college kid drinking 5 nights a week to the young professional electrical engineer… drinking 5 nights a week.

it’s strange knowing that this is the last summer i’m going to have to live with either of my parents.
it’s strange starting to think about where i’m going to live, car payments, 401k, etc.
i’m presented with all of these heavy choices.

one aspect i’ve noticed i’ve grown over this summer is in my social skills.
not that i didn’t have bad social skills.
but through reading and trial and error i am starting to see how people operate and how to control them.
you see how they react to things, and how to read body language.
my boss at work also shows me little tricks on how to take control of the weak minded.
i realize that these concepts and ideas are very complicated and abstract,
however i also realize that i am an intelligent, dynamic individual that can pick up on this to use as a tool however i see fit.
this applies to friends, strangers, women, as well as with work.
i’m still learning lots, but i’m also using these tools everyday and refining them.
exploiting ignorance, it’s social engineering.

predictions for this time next year:
living in a great place in the city
driving a sweet car
going to my lakehouse often on the weekends with friends
making my life even more like a minus the bear song
living large
i’d also like to restore a old vespa scooter and have that in the city as well.

extra income will be saved to invest in real estate/buy a bar.
i’d like to own at least 1 bar, 1 club, and 1 restaurant by the time i’m 40.
i’m not sure on the order i want them in.
i feel this is a very good long term goal to have.

i contemplate moving to l.a. or san francisco.
i’m in love with everything about the bay area, not to mention silicon valley.
even seattle, new york, and fucking berlin and fucking tokyo have been considered.
it’d be nice to live in a country that’s more open minded and not run by the church.
all have endless interesting tech career oppurtunities.
i’ve been checking into such opportunities at google, apple, microsoft.
which would kind of be my every dream.
i fear if i have the ability to drop everyone and everything i’ve ever known and entirely start from scratch.
it takes balls.
my friends who have studied abroad have fallen in love with wherever they were (france, poland, london, spain, italy).
even though moving away has been the plan since day one.
regardless, at least a year or two in chicago will be a nice intermediary.


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