September 27, 2007

ELE491 – senior design proposal.
me and my 3 engineering buddies teaming up and researching how we’re going to do our senior design project.
ideas are loose as of now.
i want to expand my horizons and really challenge myself and make something insane.

ELE450 – advanced digital design with verilog HDL.
lots of coding, lots of designs.
i get to utilize the spartan 3e boards to make some pretty wicked stuff.
i might even be able to use it to do some encryption cracking.
i hate the professor, but the TA is helpful, labs get a weeks worth of homework done in a few hours.
i’m not particularly fond of verilog, but in industry it’s huge.

ELE335 – theory of semiconductor devices.
extremely advanced semiconductor production techniques and theory.
substrates, intrinsic characterstics, bandgaps, application of quantum mechanics, doping techniques.
basically designing the core elements that make up everything electronic.
there’s also 4 design projects throughout the semester, right now i’m in the process of designing a solar cell that has to perform up to certain specifications.

ELE380 – electronic control systems.
lots of laplacian math and differential equations.
design lab included.

ANTH101 – origins of human species.
about 500 people in the class. i sit on my laptop and take care of real work.
although it is sometimes interesting in regards to human nature, which has been a recent interest of mine.

GEOG202 – geography.
not that bad, smaller class. lots of freshman. the prof takes it way too seriously.
at least it’s easy.
e.g. a “research paper” is 3-5 pages… double spaced.

it sucks having to take gen-ed’s. they limit which gen-ed’s engineers can actually take. so i can’t even take any gen-ed i want, i have a pre-set list of classes i have to choose from. all of which, blow. at least in anthropology i can bring other homework and take care of it there.


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