October 6, 2007

top songs of september:
van morrison – astral weeks
van morrison – sweet thing
bohren und der club of gore – dead end angels
john lennon – stand by me
maps and atlases – the ongoing horrible
the moody blues – tuesday afternoon
the rolling stones – gimme shelter
john mayer – slow dancing in a burning room
jimi hendrix – manic depression
foo fighters – summer’s end
foo fighters – the ballad of the beaconsfield miners
foo fighters – statues
lynyrd skynyrd – simple man
foo fighters – everlong
thin lizzy – downtown sundown
radiohead – big ideas (don’t get any)
radiohead – apreggi
thin lizzy – angel from the coast
thin lizzy – she knows
syd barrett – dominoes
flogging molly – if i ever leave this world alive

general: roomates, going out 6 nights a week, tailgating, weekend visitors, drinking jager til 4:30 on a balcony, girls cooking me dinner, naps, getting back into guitar, neighbor girls, excellent weather, tunes, halo 3 at midnight, roomate hangs, drinking too much, job fairs, being super busy all day every day

basics: ipod, phone, backpack, laptop. that’s all i need.

work: i got a sweet job working for restech.
i go to people’s dorms and fix their computers.
i meet chicks and make them buy me food in the dorms.
kinda reminds me of this.

school: tough.
but i kick ass on a daily basis, going to all my classes
i like knowing all the engineers in all my classes, we’re all buddies.
i have some awesome dudes in the group for my senior design project.
one initially came up with a quick idea, but it’s really easy to do, i want to challenge myself.
i went to 2 job fairs this week, it’s scary that this actually is the end of the line.

as glad as i am of the current state of science mankind has achieved, i really wish i was an engineer in the 40’s-60’s so i could be part of teams that harnessed nuclear energy, invented semiconductors, advanced quantum physics, etc. or just to be on the inside working on top secret projects for the military and government.

i just really wonder what else there is left to discover, and i really hope that one day my knowledge and work and imagination has some impact on humanity.

family: apparently my parents will be 100% divorced soon.
my brother’s myspace pictures are disturbing.

social: i’ve been learning BOATLOADS of information on human behavior and social interactions, i’m tying this in with what i’m learning in my otherwise useless anthropology class as well as my social engineering knowledge.

romantic: i’m learining some very difficult/expensive lessons from some pretty dumb cunts.
which will NOT be happening any more.
but all at once i’m learning extremely easy lessons from new girls, which kind of makes it all worth while.

drink: $4.50 long island pitchers every wednesday, whiskey rocks, free keg every tuesday thursday friday, house parties in between, chicago german beer gardens with litres of delicious beer, $2 stoli red bull every friday, $2 jager bombs, $4 irish car bombs.
we went through over 300 beers when tailgating.
i literally drink for 100% free when going out to bars due to dan and i figuring out the system and exploiting it.
this past weekend i went to an “oktoberfest brewhaha” at 1 p.m. til 5.
i tried 120 beers and there was a german polka band and free food and i won some gorgeous peroni glasses in a raffle.
i really do enjoy drinking.

book: i carry around the inferno with me and read it on breaks in buildings i’m not supposed to be in but never am in (art, music, business, etc).

i bought “everyday italian” by giada de laurentiis and live by it, and not only because i’m in love with giada.
i want to learn many different forms of cooking, and feel italian is a good place to start.
thai/japanese is after italian is mastered.
i’ve been cooking more and more extravagant meals and learning a lot.
i enjoy knowing how to cook incredible things and see it as something i’m going to start getting way more into as i grow up.

music: van morrison, wilco, thin lizzy, new foo fighters, maps and atlases, new radiohead, 50’s jazz, zepp.

i revived my desktop pc and the approximate 250 gigs of music on it, i really don’t know what i’m going to do with 50 stevie wonder albums.
however, all my music is shared on the network, so my laptop can be upstairs and i can stream all my tunes off of my desktop flawlessly, it’s perfect.
i find it interesting/frightening that the records terr’ loved when he was my age i also love.

in case you didn’t hear, radiohead is out of contract with EMI, and decided to record and release their new record independently. on top of that, you can buy it for any price you want, including free. this is extremely revolutionary and i support them all the way. plus it’s one more way to stick it to steve jobs as outside of the beatles, radiohead is the second largest band that refuse to sign to itunes.

random: every night frogs fall into my window well, yet every morning they’re gone.

by the way, i can’t express how much i love the weather we continue to have.
it’s mid 80’s in october, with warm nights.
i get to blast zeppelin with my windows down during the day and wear jeans comfortably at night.


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