the future is open.

November 5, 2007

so rather than designing a phone, google simply made a versatile entirely open OS.
it’s called android and the world is going to be revolutionized by this.
they created the mobile handset alliance, of which, the companies together in this are: sprint, t mobile, htc, lg, motorola, samsung, some asian/european carriers, broadcom, intel, marvell, nvidia, qualcomm, sirf, TI, and a few others.
regardless, to get ALL of these companies to have a common vision is simply extraordinary.

apple has now entirely fucked themselves over.
they insist on continually closing any possible roads to an open development community and force users to only run their proprietary, lacklusting software.
now it’s an entirely different game.
apple announced that they would be shipping a SDK to *SELECT DEVELOPERS* next year.
google will be shipping the android SDK NEXT WEEK to whoever the fuck wants it.
thousands of developers around the world WILL embrace this android OS and develop countless beautiful convenient applications.
your phone will never be the same again.


One Response to “the future is open.”

  1. Graham K said

    but apples phone is gorgeous

    an open os makes most people about as excited as a grime covered rock

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