November 16, 2007

top songs of october

foo fighters – home
air – radian
foo fighters – stranger things have happened
foo fighters – the pretender
the lawrence arms – 100 resolutions
pete yorn – turn of the century
foo fighters – statues
boards of canada – in a beautiful place out in the country
james iha – country girl
james iha – sound of love
piglet – caramel
smashing pumpkins – muzzle
smashing pumpkins – 33
the good life – heartbroke
the snake the cross the crown – echolalia

general: i can’t believe how nice this weather continues to be.

basics: being super organized and productive, kicking ass in school, kicking ass in work.
being busy all day every day.

work: it’s fucking awesome.
it’s the absolute perfect job working there, great money, cool kids, extremely geeky talk.
i actually look forward to the next time i work.

i applied to the xbox team at microsoft and to google.
google’s application was the most ridiculous thing ever.
for example, they asked if i ever filed for a patent.
it would be sweet to live in california and surf every day.
i really want to have a job lined up before i graduate.

i’ve been doing a really good job at being proactive in getting my resume everywhere and landing interviews and hopefully a job. i’m always thinking of awesome companies to work for and check out their career opportunities and get my foot in the door.

school: midterms ate me alive.
i was sleeping 3 hours a night, going to class and work all day, then immediately going to the library until they kicked me out.
all week.

i’m doing everything in my power to make the absolute most out of my last year at college, and doing a damn good job.
however the thought of the near future and buying a nice car gets me excited to no extent.
i’ve been eyeing the E46 series of M3’s, and would love to have a dinan tuned elegant minimalist show car (1234).

i’m taking an anthropology class called “human origins”, basically all about how we evolved into the people we are today over millions of years.
there’s such an exorbitant amount of evidence, i don’t really see how anyone can logically believe in creationism after taking this class.

family: my mom and brother visited me at school and took me out to an awesome steak dinner.
it was nice.
my dad gets to go to germany every couple of months for his job to schmooze customers or something.
he sends me ridiculous pictures of everything there and it makes me want to move or at least visit.
and brings me back incredible chocolate.

social: i really love being at school and having the wide variety of options on a nightly basis.
halloween is always a good time.
however, i really miss my lakehouse and everything that goes with it.
i look forward to next summer (as always).
my mom called me and said she bought a sweet new boat, also, which i look forward to breaking in.

romantic: keeping it casual.
i’m yet to meet anyone that is worthy of my time.

however, these would do…

i’m still holding out for a super hot super geek girl.

it’s weird how the amount of overweight/unattractive girls at this school desensitizes you as to what good looking girls are supposed to look like.
the alpha females i see at bars and parties here wouldn’t even get a second look in the city.

drink: witch’s brew, triple captain and cokes, endless $2 jager bombs, white wines, wine marinated steak,
it’s been a while since i’ve been fucked on tequila, this will probably change very soon.

book: textbooks.
advanced digital design with the verilog HDL, semiconductor devices – physics and technology

music: i really like the new foo fighters record. apparently the good life put out a new record. i hate it when bands i like put out new records and i dont hear about it til months after.

i find it amusing how i catch myself making mixes for months and times that are 8 months away.

the smashing pumpkins – mellon collie and the infinite sadness is an unbelievable record.
don’t get me wrong, i prefer siamese dream.
but mellon collie is an incredible collection of a wide genre of songwriting that entirely defined that band at the peak of their existence.

i’m in full-on autumn tunes mode.
desaparecidos, the good life, margot and the nuclear so-and-so’s, cursive, bright eyes, muse (absolution), american football, death cab (photo album).
i don’t listen to these bands any other time of year.
it’s sad seeing summer be gone for good, but i really do love autumn tunes.

random: in the near future, i’m going to try to go for an all japanese diet for one month.
if i can do 2 weeks, i’ll still be very happy with myself.

i’m in the process of organizing and maximimizing my time.
i’m recording how long it takes for my everyday tasks.
i’m hoping to find a perfect zen-like harmony between school and studying and homework and work and social life and research and hobbies.


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