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December 24, 2007

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It lives


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December 23, 2007

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john mayer has a tv show.

December 13, 2007

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john mayer is the fucking man.

top 3 favorite commercials.

December 13, 2007

at least i’m creatively avoiding studying.
i also need that loft in the second video.

December 11, 2007

school/finals were canceled today due to a shooting threat.
tomorrow isn’t looking so hot either.


December 9, 2007

top songs of november:
bright eyes – we are nowhere and it’s now
bright eyes – easy lucky free
carole king – so far away
saves the day – can’t stay the same
saves the day – lonely nights
feist – i feel it all
pink floyd – green is the colour (more)
saxon shore – isolated by the secrets of your fellow men
elvium – seeing you off the edges
elvium – radio ballet
against me! – sink, florida, sink
bright eyes – make a plan to love me
rilo kiley – pictures of success
the lawrence arms – recovering the opposable thumb
lynyrd skynyrd – saturday night special
lawrence arms – 100 resolutions
the weakerthans – my favourite chords
against me! – cavalier eternal
as tall as lions – we’re the ones that keep you warm
wilco – hotel arizona
wilco – sunken treasure
311 – champagne
as tall as lions – into the flood

general: i’m over college, i just want to get out of here.
i used to say that a lot, but now it seems more often than not, sentences start with or contain “when i graduate…”
i also drink far too much tea in any given day.

basics: wake up early, class, work, RSS, ipod, green tea, reading textbooks, make dinner, study til sleep.
this is what i do everyday during the week.

work: interview with valdes went well (even though i don’t want the job).
interview with RIM went well, they handed my shit off to the hiring manager and asked when i can fly to canada to their headquarters for another interview.

when recruiters ask me if i’m willing to relocate, i say “yes”.
as much as i don’t care as long as i get a job, i really want to stay in chicago for at least a little bit.
however, everyday i think about going to silicon valley and starting from scratch.
after a chat with dan over beers and wings, we decided we need to get to europe asap.
i also want to start going to defcon, CES, maker faire, etc. regularly.

school: see: “general”.
i find little ways to become more and more productive.
i’m just mad at myself i’ve become this proactive in my education so late in my undergrad.

i got my internship to count as an “independent study” course towards my 400 level electives.
basically i’m 3 credit hours closer to graduation for free.

finals fucking blow.
i wish i wouldn’t procrastinate so much and leave everything to the last minute.
this past week i stayed awake for 50 something hours with only a 45 minute nap somewhere in there.
it’s weird being awake non-stop, i started to go crazy towards the end.

family: i’ve realized i can’t only handle my immediate family in very small doses.
i’d like this to change in the next couple of years.

social: school is disturbing my regular drinking schedule.
however this in turn increases my tolerance, which decreases my spending. efficient?

i’m really looking forward to winter break to catch up on all the stuff i’ve been too busy for.

romantic: sometimes i miss regularity, but i’m not going to waste my time on something that i know is going to go nowhere.

religious girls are fucked up.
yes, that’s a very broad statement, but i’m yet to witness any evidence otherwise.

i also found this…

drink: free black label rocks all night, winter beers.

book: i’ve been reading a lot more about human nature and social engineering.
it infects you.
all you think about is how people react to different things, you observe other people in conversation to read their body language, you can’t simply have a conversation anymore without over-analyzing everything about what the other person is and isn’t saying.
but it’s pretty fuckin cool.

music: the lawrence arms, new saves the day, new as tall as lions, lots of weird ambient stuff, lots of wilco.
new weird indie music blows.
the writers of entourage are really good at picking out good songs for good scenes (see: last scene season 1, episode 6).
the fist line in wilco – hotel arizona haunts me.

random: i’m switching my life over to google.
now instead of just using gmail and google reader, i’m using their calendar and documents apps as my primaries.
this will make everything a lot easier when android takes over the world.

i want to make one of these.