January 10, 2008

jimi hendrix – voodoo chile
stevie ray vaughan – lenny
four tet – everything is alright (live in copenhagen)
saves the day – freakish (bug volumes)
MSTRKRFT – street justice
jimi hendrix – are you experienced?
four tet – spirit fingers
justice – waters of nazareth
daft punk – one more time / aerodynamic / forget about the world (alive 2007)
kanye west – pretty much all of graduation

general: this winter break was much needed and much enjoyed.
i had a great time and saw a lot of friends i don’t get to normally see.
however, i didn’t get to see everyone i wanted to.

i ate so much this break, i don’t think i ever had the chance to get actually hungry.

basics: drinking tons, eating out all the time, beer pong, eating tons of awesome food, work, wii, relaxing.

work: i applied to a job at qualcomm for a position designing next-gen 3G/EV-DO chipsets in san diego that requested 3-5 years of RF design experience.
i got the interview, and declined (i don’t want to live in san diego).
it’s scary my miniscule attempts to move to california are opening such big doors.

in the meantime, simply looking for a job that interests me in the chicago area.

school: i did a lot better than i thought with grades, i’m proud of myself.
however, next semester will be rape to the face.

social: it’s weird hanging out with friends who have all graduated.
“so, what’s your major?” turns into “so, what do you do?”
it’s quite a rude awakening of what’s next.

romantic: good question.

drink: lots of shots and bombs. and delicious beers of course.

book: n/a, i never really liked reading fiction. in the past year or so i’ve made a noble attempt to read more, but still don’t thoroughly enjoy it as much as i enjoy teaching myself new programming languages and learning new tech things.
i don’t get anything out of fiction and for the most part consider it a waste of time.

music: i’ve been listening to more technoish (not sure of exact genre) tunes: four tet, justice, daft punk, MSTRKRFT. i like it, and i don’t know why.
i really don’t know how i’ve gotten this far in life without hearing jimi hendrix – are you experienced?
i finally got around listening to the new kanye and like it a lot, despite he samples all his shit.
i am IN LOVE with saves the day. driving back from the city listening to through being cool all the way through simply blew me away.

random: at midnight on new years eve, all i could think about is how different everything about my life is going to be at the next new years… frightening.


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