last classes.

January 30, 2008

ELE360 – communication systems
i don’t know, fourier transforms, waveform modulation.
tons of math.
it sucks and the teacher sucks.

ELE492 – senior design
actually designing and building my senior design project.

ELE452 – real time digital signal processing
just as it sounds, using TI C55 series of processors.
this is the stuff i love.
my professor (who is also the dean of the college of electrical engineering) wrote the textbook.

ELE475 – antenna theory and design
just as it sounds, super hard RF stuff.
if my e-mag teacher wasn’t such a douche it might be easier.
also, my teacher is from russia and sounds like borat.

HIST261 – post 1865 american history
my teacher is totally nuts. i enjoy the class though, he’s a great lecturer. he also does lots of impersonations?
on the first day of class he asked the class “any aqua teen fans out there?… or am i just that stoned?”

ELE441 – electric drives
modeling motors and such with electrical components in PSPICE.
the professor is notoriously easy and the material isn’t that bad.
however, it’s a 400 level night class which blows.

ELE497 – independent study
i got my internship to count as an independent study.
5 page paper saying how it made me a better engineer = easy A and 3 credits towards graduation! hollllaa!


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