February 4, 2008

top songs of january:
jimi hendrix – all along the watchtower
jimi hendrix – voodoo child (slight return)
the zombies – this will be our year
sundowner – one hundred resolutions
kanye west – the good life
radiohead – reckoner
radiohead – jigsaw falling into place
radiohead – videotape
the dear hunter – the inquiry of ms. terri
braid – collect from clark kent
radiohead – last flowers
crosby, stills, nash and young – deja vu
allman brothers band – whipping post (live at the fillmore east)
bright eyes – four winds
daft punk – harder better faster stronger
godspeed you! black emperor – 09-15-00 (part one)
sharks keep moving – try to sleep
sharks keep moving – like a river

general: i think i smelled spring the other day for about 2 seconds, it felt good.
on that note, i CANNOT WAIT for this summer. specifically living at my lakehouse and smoking all day and night.

basics: work, read, shower, read, homework, class, night class, read, homework, ipod, read, homework.

work: just trying to find a job that i will love, which is kind of hard in the chicago area.
it really blows that all of the DARPA jobs are in D.C.
i fucking hate the east coast.

i’ve also been thinking a lot recently about being a writer for engadget/gizmodo/any of the other 800 tech blogs i read.
outside of engineering, i really enjoy current events in technology and being on top of all of it all the time.
and i’m awesome at writing and it’s something that i do enjoy.
just imagining it being my job to cover CES and other conventions would be incredible…

some really cool companies are coming to the job fair here next month. including my internship!!!!! i’m crossing my fingers and praying they offer me a job.

school: i’m graduating in less than 4 months.
it’s insane and i think about it every 5 minutes and cannot wait.
at the end of last semester, my counselor told me there was “no way” i was graduating in may.
between grades and classes for spring i didn’t think it was going to happen, but i made it happen.
as long as i do well in my classes this semester, i don’t see anything that can hold me back.

my schedule is pretty good. nothing before 11. done with work after tuesday. but class and work all day and all night mon-wed. this is the first semester i don’t have any classes before 11. it’s nice but i’m coming to realize i need to start studying/doing homework in the morning.
except for my history night class, i’m in the engineering building all day, it’s nice.
i really want to get my masters degree, but it can wait 5 years.

family: i’m pretty sure my parents are never going to be 100% divorced.
as if i don’t have enough to worry about and enough on my mind as it is, me being the oldest child gets caught between all of my parents bickering and legal disputes and my mom calling me crying.
i miss having stability in my life.

social: lately i’ve been doing a good job of being a total ridiculous asshole and only looking out for myself.
it’s pretty awesome and going extremely well.

romantic: veronica belmont ::drool::

drink: beer, soooo much beer. and whiskey rocks.

book: textbooks, ebooks.

music: jimi hendrix – all along the watchtower, best.cover.ever. in your face, dylan.
i saw sundowner (chris from the lawrence arms), it was fucking great. i really love that band. 100 resolutions is my anthem for 2008.
radiohead, rare hendrix, the dear hunter, braid/hey mercedes/the city on film, still kanye.
i recently put on records and just let them play.
i wish last.fm would stop being such a chump and log my ipod plays.

random: i can’t wait to start traveling to real places.
first up: munich, amsterdam, tokyo.


One Response to “0108.”

  1. dude i might be going to london this fall for school…that should be your first place of destination

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