auto show.

February 8, 2008

so wednesday, i decided to ditch class, wake up at 6 a.m., drive through an ice storm, and take the train to the city.
ironically, class was canceled due to the bad weather. sometimes i do believe in fate.
the dudes at jalopnik hooked me up with a media preview to the chicago auto show.
yes, that means it was closed to the public, and only media was there. it was weird walking the floor of mccormick place with only a few people scattered here and there.

here is the article i wrote.

perks: free food and drink in the press room, various car manufacturers had either cool press kits or free food and drink (a few had espresso machines and a barista to make you drinks), smokin hot booth babes (BMW), audi Q7, 4-star restaurants, and XM rented out the WHOLE FUCKING HOUSE OF BLUES and had smashmouth (yes, that band from the 90’s) playing and open bar (awesome).

outside of having an awesome day, i learned a ton about the life and mindset of a blogger. something which i’ve been thinking about as a career option (GIZMODO). nothing epiphanic, but traveling all over the world covering entirely what you love and having thousands of people read your thoughts on a daily basis was definitely appealing.

plus the rapport between the writers i was with all day was incredible, i felt on the same wavelength as them and we got along great.
ironically, one of the writers was a mechanical engineer and did that for a couple years before blogging.
being an engineer, i fear i’m going to be stuck in an office with a bunch of old lame engineers all day every day running through processor assembly code manuals.
hanging out with cool dudes around the same age as you, traveling the world, staying in sick hotels, getting schmoozed by companies; all sounds pretty sweet. i kind of related this back to my dream of touring with one of my friend’s bands, except a few thousand steps up (getting flown and hoteled everywhere vs. living in a shitty van, getting paid vs. not).

my life is typically pretty good, but it occasionally has hiccups of un-fucking-believable.


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