March 2, 2008

top songs of february
the dear hunter – 1878
hanalei – this is going to be the best summer ever
iron maiden – aces high
iron maiden – the trooper
iron maiden – the number of the beast
lying on loot – defeatist
sundowner – audio geography
sundowner – midsummer classic
jimi hendrix – house burning down
colossal – the dusk of us
colossal – the 1/5 compromise
colossal – work in prague
unwed sailor – once in a blue moon
minus the bear – lotus
the falcon – scratchin off the fleas
daft punk – human after all
daft punk – make love
the dear hunter – the lake and the river

general: the unexpected spring break went well. did some cooking, did a ton of reading/learning, further minimized my life, started applying to places, dominated at beer pong. pretty much school without the school part.

basics: read, music, drink, electronics.

work: trying to find a cool job as close to chicago as possible.
also trying to find a sick place to live in the city, and people to live with.
now taking applications.

school: going well! simply trying to manage all of my classes.

family: my mom meets girls in bars and says how awesome i am and makes them call me.

social: i’ve been hanging with people i don’t see that often, it’s nice.
bars/people/sonic/everything in iowa is un-fucking-believable.
i also make it a point to meet as many people i can in a night, as well as start conversations with total strangers whenever possible.
it’s interesting to say the least.

romantic: getting better all of the time.

drink: black label rocks, makers mark rocks, sake rocks, beer, captain morgan handles.
i fucking love whiskey.

book: using the low-cost, high performance ADSP-21065L digital signal processor for digital audio applications

music: iron maiden is fuckin ridiculous. lots of colossal, the falcon, minus the bear, random french dj’s.
jimi hendrix – all alone the watchtower has made it to my top 10 list of most perfect songs ever.
i listen to it way too loud.
pat ford of colossal is touring soon, they are also writing a new record to be released by summer. that makes me really happy.
i’ve been listening to lots of chicago music. the lawrence arms is a really good band.
the dear hunter is an INCREDIBLE band.
ratatat gives away their remixes, fucking awesome.
i like it when my indie bands meet with my hip hop bands and meet with my electronic bands.

i was never really good at guitar, but i feel if i dedicated some time to electronic music i could make some ridiculous shit, we’ll see what happens once i start designing my senior design project. i’ll become a dj and exclusively use equipment and effects i designed and made myself.

i really wish there wasn’t any time in my life that music wasn’t playing.

yesterday (technically march), there was a prom party at the house, it was quite awesome.
jon ugolini’s band covered so many ridiculous songs (the cars, eddie money, duran duran, beastie boys, 311, weezer, fine young cannibals, the turtles, cheap trick).
that + raff + cheap beer + whiskey flask + awesome people + afterparties = one great time.

random: in regards to the event that happened at my school, it was interesting to see who texted/called/facebooked/emailed me asking me if i was alright.
and how many times they did.

i found out that audi Q7 i got to ride in with the jalopnik dudes won’t even be released in the states.

i also had a random memory a couple days ago that i lent mike d. my thrice hoodie in 2004 when he visited me and i haven’t seen it since. further leads tell me that he gave it to matt e. which is whom i originally purchased it from in the first place! fuckers.

i am growing and changing mentally. i am starting to see how the world and all humans work and seeing everything in an infinitely broader way i’ve never imagined before. things are different. however, i like it and feel that it is good for me. today i became a realist.


One Response to “0208.”

  1. Greg said

    Job fair this Thursday at Roosevelt downtoan. 11am – 3pm

    Im going….you might find some sweet jobs downtown there.

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