April 10, 2008

top songs of march
the dear hunter – the bitter suite 3: embrace
the dear hunter – red hands
colossal – i’ll look at you when the dying starts
colossal – the 1/5th compromise
the dear hunter – smiling swine
the flashbulb – sunset dept.
nine inch nails – ghosts I track 8
the flashbulb – that missing week
the flashbulb – remember tomorrow
311 – i’ll be here awhile
minus the bear – lemurs man, lemurs
panic at the disco – ALL of pretty. odd.
medications – domestic animals
marvin gaye – i heard it through the grapevine
as tall as lions – a soft hum
the smashing pumpkins – stand inside your love
grizzly bear – shift (alternate version)
grizzly bear – granny diner

download the mix here.

general: busy with a million things all day everyday, tired, stressed.

basics: alarm clock, google calendar, google documents, google reader, gmail, craigslist, monster, careerbuilder, dice, shower, ipod, mda, backpack, read, homework, study, engineering building all day every day.

work: busting my ass to get a job before i graduate.
i’ve had a few interviews and keep applying to tons of jobs.
things are looking very good.
looking for places in chicago is fun, but frustrating at the same time.
i also need to get my rooomate/neighborhood/price range confirmed.
it’s going to be a pain in the ass but i can’t fucking wait.

in terms of restech, i enjoy working there, but it’s becoming a nuisance in my efforts to try getting all my schoolwork/job hunt stuff done.

school: during midterms, i discovered i become optimally productive around 4 a.m.
i’m cleared for graduation.
i’m super pumped for real life, but i feel i’m going to miss sleeping late every day and wearing jeans and band t-shirts and filthy chucks all the time.
i need to start getting on my senior design project.

family: my brother and i are getting along real well every time we meet. i look forward to when he’s older and we hang and go drinking.

social: gigantic college house parties, regular house parties, shows, plus a few bars.
lately i’ve been doing a lot of what i haven’t been for the past few years, and loving every minute.
my friend moved to california last saturday, my other friend got married last saturday.
the times they are-a-changin.

i can’t wait for summer and nice weather and chicago and wisconsin and lake geneva and driving with the windows down and everything great that comes with summer.

romantic: no time, plus bitches are flakes.

drink: san francisco has a very impressive beers at pretty much every bar.
they also have jukeboxes (with in rainbows, crue, and bowie) and pool tables, which i’m a fan of.
i enjoy drinking beers when chilling. i enjoy drinking whiskey when getting schnockered.

book: textbooks, spec sheets for microprocessors.

music: 65daysofstatic is touring with the cure? wtf.
tera melos, nine inch nails, this will destroy you, lupe fiasco, saxon shore, marvin gaye, smashing pumpkins.
the new panic at the disco record is really really good.
i’ve listened to it as little as a few songs in one day to the full album 11 times in one day.
i can never get enough of experimental/post-rock/math-rock instrumental bands. ever.
i love music.
i didn’t see all the wicked bands i missed at SXSW until after it was over, that would have been sick.
over the past couple of months i’ve been listening to lots more electronic music than i ever have before.
perhaps because i’m an electronics guy, perhaps because i have robot ears.
i’m making a summer08 mix and a few other mixes. i miss making vaginal shattering mixes.
i really like how this biography on the snake the cross the crown was written.

random: living in a basement is weird. i think it’s the lack of sun/serotonin synapses.
oh, and some drunk dude fell into my windowsill at 5 a.m. the other night when i was getting home and it scared the shit out of me.


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