May 5, 2008

top songs of april:
joan of arc – many times i’ve mistaken
coheed and cambria – time consumer
josh rouse – winter in the hamptons
minus the bear – the pig war (o, hunter remix)
minus the bear – double vision quest
the city on film – how a helicopter sounds
the dear hunter – the church and the dime (alternate version)
circa survive – the only difference between medicine and poison is the dose
portugal. the man – chicago

download the mix here.

general: really fucking busy. all day. every day.
things are going to change so much over the next two weeks, i look forward to when things settle down.

basics: work, homework, study, read, design, program, debug, job hunt, drink, smoke.

work: went on a ton of interviews, they all went very well.
even the jobs i don’t want i convinced them that i’m the perfect candidate for them.
received my first offer this past friday, second interview next week, also waiting to hear back from motorola.
even though the job offer isn’t doing anything i’d really enjoy, it’s nice knowing i achieved my goal of having a job before i graduate.

school: it’s almost over. it’s starting to hit me.
i’m really pumped to not have to do homework or study anymore.
however, i have 5 finals, 2 huge reports, and 2 huge projects to do in the next 5 days.
i’m also really pumped to finally have the time to learn and do the things i’ve wanted to do and learn.

it’s really hard to focus on what’s left of my time here, when there’s so much that’s going to happen in the next few weeks.

family: my christmas gift for my brother was that i’d mod his wii.
it is now may and i still have it, i kinda feel bad.
i told him i’d give him my mini-fridge when i move and we’d call it even and he was all about it.

social: been photographing concerts a lot. i really love it.
speaking of, lots of my friends have been starting blogs/photoblogs. i like it.

i really love this campus/town in the spring (sluts tanning, beer gardens, drinking outside, fireworks, bon-fires, etc.)
once the weather gets nice, the weekends here get so much more awesome.
this weekend was notably super awesome.

romantic: …it’s been a really good month.

drink: whiskey and beer… and fireworks.

book: history books, arduino guides, textbooks, job listings.

music: seeing minus the bear live again was amazing.
i listen to that band SO MUCH and i’m still yet to get remotely sick of it.

my friend broke his microkorg, i’m trying to fix it for him.
it’s the same synth that recorded the effects on the voice in imogen heap – hide and seek
i really want to get it working and mess around with it.

this past weekend i saw sundowner (chris of the lawrence arms) and pat ford of colossal along with my two other friends’ bands.
and drank pitchers backstage with pat ford and talked about chicago music and post-college life for an hour.

random: it’s been a strange month.
but a really good one.


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