July 9, 2008

i forgot to post this, june will be posted soon.

top songs of may:
the format – time bomb
minus the bear – hey wanna throw up? get me naked
refused – liberation frequency
the lawrence arms – there’s no place like a stranger’s floor
the lawrence arms – a toast
the lawrence arms – turnstiles

general: chicago is spectacular.
i’ve never been this happy about every aspect about my life.
been really really busy all day everyday, but i’m getting used to it and getting extremely organized about my time.
despite how unfeasible it is working in the same town my parents live where i could sleep vs. spending as much as i do living here, i fucking love my apartment and living in chicago more than anything.
after just a few weeks here it’s really hard to imagine anything else.

basics: bike, messenger bag, nalgene, notebook, 2 bic 0.5 mm mechanical pencils, gps receiver, digital camera, cell phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, ipod, earbuds, onitsuka tigers.
that’s pretty much it.

i quit restech the week before finals.
it was mandatory to work 10 hours during finals, so i said “fuck that”.

i took the motorola job.
the first job offer i got paid a little bit more, and had half days every friday which would be nice, but i feel in the long run this is the better decision.
is awesome.
i’m really good at my job.
the team i’m on is with 5 other engineers.
the oldest one is like 28, they’re all awesome.
the cafeteria is insane and filled with awesome food, tons of organics, and au bon pain.
there is also a full starbucks inside the same building i work in.
the building is gigantic and filled with ridiculous amounts of technology.
the dress code is totally lax, i wear jeans and a polo or classy shirt pretty much everyday.
i do also still wear business professional clothes, but it’s nice knowing i have the ultra casual option.
the commute kinda sucks.
i was driving for a while but it suuuucked, one time it almost took me 2 hours to get home.
i’m riding my bike to the metra station and taking the train everyday.
i doze off or read or watch tv shows on my ipod.
we also got interns for the summer.
they’re pretty cool kids, but i still make them do my bitch work.

school: it’s over, this really doesn’t apply too much anymore.
for the future, i would like to get my masters in electrical engineering and also my MBA.
i’m not sure in what order i would like to do them.
my work will pay for the my school, so why the fuck not?
they pay for me to get an education so they can pay me more money? amazing.
i think i’ll wait a few years before heading back though, i need to decompress.

family: my mom and brother visited me the other weekend and we went to lunch and walked around a bit and stuff.
my mom kept saying how happy she was for me and how proud she was of me.

social: really great.
living in chicago is such a better social environment than dekalb was.
living with joe is awesome, friends visiting is awesome, everything is great.
i like seeing old friends in chicago, just as much as i like making new friends.
also, i do not like or trust people that do not drink jaeger.

romantic: i.love.women.
especially chicago women in professional clothes and summer dresses during the day and little black dresses at night.
it makes me melt, seriously.

drink: beers (i’ve been drinking a lot of newcastle lately), summer beers, jameson, black label.
yea, that’s pretty much it.

book: chuck klosterman.
also reading tons of systems documentation at work, this morning i read the first third of a 1200 page PDF.

music: my morning jacket is one of those bands which i’ve had their cd’s for years, but never listened. pretty good stuff, though.
i listen to the dear hunter, minus the bear, as tall as lions far too much.
each of their cd’s at least once or twice a week.
i like listening to cd’s that remind me of summer.
smashing pumpkins, minus the bear, at the drive-in, brand new, saves the day, beach boys, boston, various 70’s tunes etc.

minus the bear – this is what i know about being gigantic.
i’m trying to learn as many minus the bear songs on guitar as possible, they’re difficult, but fun and rewarding to get sounding good.

neva dinova is also pretty good.
i listen to a ton more music now that i’m working. from the time i leave my house to the time i come back my ipod is playing probably 80% of the time.

random: it feels great to be out of school.
i look forward to dedicating some time to things i always wanted to do, but never had the time for (cooking, riding bikes, designing electronics, electronic art, photography, design, etc)

it’s weird seeing girls from high school, specifically the ones that don’t look anywhere near as good as they did in high school.it’s disturbing to know that girls i know have already peaked…


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