July 10, 2008

top songs of june:
my morning jacket – war begun
my morning jacket – one big holiday
the stryder – crook
feist – one evening
cut off your hands – oh girl
minus the bear – houston we have uh-oh!
the chinkees – present day memories
the lawrence arms – like a record player warped summer extravaganza (major excellent)
the lawrence arms – presenting: the dancing machine (the robot with the monkey head)
the lawrence arms – a toast
MSTRKRFT – easy love (remix)
josh rouse – it’s the nighttime
sigur rós – inní mér syngur vitleysingur
the smashing pumpkins – tonite reprise
russian circles – campaign
the mercury program – fragile or possibly extinct

download the mix HERE.

general: been having a great time,
really fucking busy, but i kinda like it.
i really don’t think i’m going to live anywhere but chicago for a while.

basics: chicago, beer, green, friends, metra, cta, bike, ipod, cellular phone, gps receiver, digital camera(s), nalgene, messenger bag.
that is all i need.

work: pretty great.
all the dudes i work with are great.
eating lunch with tim schram is awesome.
i like working here a lot.
i got assigned to my first projects, we’ll see how that goes…

i also got into a beta test program for new cell phones.
basically motorola makes lots of phones, and only a few make it to market.
i get to get them before they’re released and get to test them out.

school: after talking with stacey, she said a lot of teachers are professionals who got tired of their field.
i always appreciated good teachers and always thought it would be something i would be really good at.

family: my parents really miss me, but have definitely coped with me living here.

social: i love my friends.
i love making new friends.
i love hanging out with friends.

romantic: i love chicago women.

drink: i like drinking.

book: reading lots at work, it’s long and dry reading, but it makes me really familiar with everything about the systems i design.
i also read the red eye everyday.

music: i listen to tons of music pretty much all day.
while: commuting, working, commuting, hanging out.
i’ve been downloading music i’ve never heard of and what’s been recommended to me from trustworthy sources, it’s been going pretty well.
josh rouse – 1972 is a really good record.
thin lizzy – jailbreak, is an incredible record, beginning to end.
new sigur ros is really good.
you should really download my monthly mix.

i saw stevie wonder at the taste.
well, i saw the back of the stage that he was playing on due to the mass amount of people.
but for the record, stevie wonder’s never seen anything.
stevie wonder: 0
kevin: 1

random: i’m going to sleep.


One Response to “0608.”

  1. Graham said

    glad youre diggin 1972, very sweet album. Nashville and Subtitulo are my other two favorite albums from him.

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