August 25, 2008

top songs of july:

thin lizzy – emerald
chin up chin up – get me off this fucking island
chin up chin up – i’ll be your avalanche
chin up chin up – we’ve got to keep running
circa survive – kicking your crosses down
minus the bear – knights (acoustic)
stars – let it go
radiohead – house of cards
the smashing pumpkins – try, try, try
tortoise – ten day interval
the new amsterdams – drinking in the afternoon
battles – race: out
red sparowes – a cessage of avarice rained down and carried us away into false dreams of endless riches
creedence clearwater revival – run through the jungle

download the mix here.

general: my life is incredible.

basics: chicago, ipod, tattoo, clothes, bike, babes, phone, beers, tunes.

work: i got my first project, i will be designing the radio systems for the kazakhstan police department.
i love my job, don’t get me wrong, but i’m not letting my job define me.
i see it more as a vessel to sponsor my sins and ideas.

i like working with and learning from other engineers, but i really like putting on my ipod and getting in the fucking zone and cranking out work.

family: my brother wants to come hang out with me in the city.
too bad he’s not 21 for a while.

social: i feel like i’ve grown a lot closer with my already great friends.
i feel like i’ve been in a socially awkward state for the past couple of years for no real reason, but i’m bouncing back and excelling.

romantic: girls are really weird.

drink: i drank lots of vodka for the first time in a long time last weekend.
i’m sticking to beer and whiskey.

book: chuck closterman – sex drugs and cocoa puffs

music: i saw russian circles at schubas, it was really good.
chin up chin up is a band that i always heard about but never listened to.
i can’t remember the last time i liked everything i heard for the first time from a band.

i bought a ton of blank cd’s and i make mixes for whoever the fuck i want.

lollapalooza was totally insane.
my pictures got printed in alarm magazine.

random: i don’t like leaving chicago. at all.
moto has offices downtown for special research projects, it is my goal to work there within the next couple of years.


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