September 16, 2008

death cab for cutie – i will posses your heart
holy fuck – royal gregory
minus the bear – double vision quest
the get up kids – close to me
my morning jacket – off the record
the lawrence arms – faintly falling ashes (live acoustic at smartbar)
the falcon – the lazyboy 500
ghosts and vodka – is that a person?
portugal. the man – my mind
jimi hendrix’s band of gypsys – changes
neutral milk hotel – in the aeroplane over the sea
crystal castles – untrust us
tubelord – night of the pencils
tubelord – half man half amazing
the kinks – the village green preservation society

download the mix here

general: been trying to take better care of myself.
drinking green tea instead of coffee at work, riding my bike tons, swimming in the lake, eating healthier, eating lots of soy, no red meat, less meat in general, taking all my vitamins, nothing fried, no soda.
i’m hands down, in the best physical condition of my life.
i’m also trying to go vegetarian again, we’ll see how that goes.

basics: same shit, different day.
been going to the metro a lot, i really love that venue.
it’s weird to think that i’ve been going there for like 8 years, i can’t even begin to think of how many great shows i’ve seen there.

work: what i like a lot about my work is that it keeps my mind very active.
that and 90348305 other things.

family: not too much going on there, isolation.

social: i’m starting to realize who my real friends are and who they aren’t.
i’ve come to learn that my time is far too valuable for me to waste it on anybody who’s a shitty friend.

i’m starting to get socially settled in chicago. but i really want to start diversifying my friends, as i’m not going anywhere for a while.
i really feel like i’m torn between two different worlds, both of which i really like.
there’s the hipster douchey crowd that goes to all the typical bars around my neighborhood and then the artsy scenester music kids.
either way, i simply like to hang out with great people, and labels are meaningless. it just makes it kinda weird when those worlds collide.

i’ve also been shooting lots of shows.
i’m really glad i started getting back into shooting shows.
it’s just so much fun going to a show for free, hanging out backstage, meeting band members, drinking their beer, taking great pictures, etc.
oh, and backstage house of blues is hands down the sickest backstage i’ve ever seen.

i really thought i would be missing college by now, but i’m so glad that i’m out of that town.
i still have friends there i kinda miss, but i’d much rather be making bank and living in chicago and doing everything on my own terms.

romantic: it’s always interesting the girls i get myself involved in.
girls are really weird, but i’m getting better at understanding them.
i’ve also been referring to all girls as “babes”, both directly and indirectly.

drink: single malt scotch. beer.
as much as i pretty much just drink scotch and beer now, i really do love rum and cokes (with lime).

book: american nerd
NLP – the new technology of achievement

i don’t really have time for fiction.

music: i listen to lots of music.
i never really started listening to the lawrence arms until this year. and they have quickly become one of my favorite bands. i can’t get enough of them, all their songs are so versatile and well written. sundowner is incredible too. i really wish i would have hung out with chris instead of pat ford when they were at NIU. oh well.
but lawrence arms, and mostly sundowner songs, i really feel connected to them. plus the fact that all the songs are influenced by chicago helps.
i also really like the history behind all the members and all of their side projects (sundowner, colossal, the falcon). i’ve never met any of them but i hear they’re all great dudes and they’re good friends with other chicago band members.

i’ve always love pink floyd’s dark side of the moon (naturally).
however, since graduating and going into the working world the songs make a lot more sense.
this also matches how i feel about working and life and existence in general lately.

random: for now we are young,
let us lay in the sun,
and count every beautiful thing we can see.


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