modern times.

September 18, 2008

the past two weeks have been super non-stop busy.

i’ve been working as early as 7 and as late as 11 every day/night (including the weekend) to get my projects out the door on time.

i went to pappadeaux with my 2 german PM’s, 2 russian field engineers, 2 kazakhstani customers, and todd this monday and it was totally crazy.

working all the time totally sucks as i don’t have any free time to do what i want, it’s literally work, sleep, work, sleep.

however, my job is really awesome, and being at the office for 15 hours straight doesn’t even feel that long.

my projects should be done by tomorrow, and in between projects i’m just going to hang around the bay and help any engineers that need it.

lately i’ve been listening to tons of electronic music.

i’m going to start making my own using instruments/synthesizers/controllers i design and build on my own.

now i just need time.

listening: heartthrob – dear painter, paint me (continous mix)


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