October 18, 2008

top songs of september:

minus the bear – the pig war
kanye west – i wonder
LITE –  ef
LITE – infinite mirror
jimi hendrix – pali gap
pink floyd – lucifer sam
saves the day – firefly
minus the bear – when we escape
flogging molly – may the living be dead (in our wake)
girl talk – once again
girl talk – play your part (pt. 1)
minus the bear – i’m totally not down with rob’s alien
stars – one more night
sharks keep moving – open bay
errors – cutlery drawer
crystal castles – magic spells

download the mix here.

general: this summer was by far, the best and craziest summer i have ever experienced.
it’s sad that it’s totally over (hoodie weather is in full effect), but i really feel i did everything i could to make it the best possible summer.
i am kinda looking forward to winter, but i’m sure these feelings will change very rapidly.

basics: hoodies, aviators, iphone, laptop, making my apartment perfect, beers, framing all the cool shit i own, shows, not sleeping nearly enough, music.

work: far, but i like working there a lot.
in between projects right now so i’m pretty much just hanging around helping out other engineers and learning everything i can.

family: pretty good. my brother is coming to visit me for the minus the bear show, my sister calls me, my parents call me whenever i’m drunk.

social: good, friends are great.
i’m being more social and trying to hang out with chicago friends more during the week.

romantic: girls are so crazy.

drink: i’ve been drinking a lot lately.

book: not really, haven’t had any free time and haven’t been taking the train to work.
books on tape ftw.

music: i listened to saddle creek 50 the other day, it reminded me a lot about college.
been listening to lots of weird electronic music.
i never really stop listening to music.

random: never gonna let you up, never gonna let you down.


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