October 18, 2008

last night i had some friends over for some smokes and drinks.
i went to the vic and hung out backstage with band dudes and drank beer with them and talked about music.
i took pictures of my favorite band in the world (minus the bear) while they played the best show i’ve ever seen of theirs.
i saw the second half of their set from next to the drummer and it kind of changed my life.
i flirted with the merch girl backstage and later she gave me a free record and hoodie.
i came back to my house to drop off some stuff, was exhausted and contemplated passing out.
instead, i went to a place called sonotheque and met up with some of my great friends and listened to some pretty good music.
i hit on every hot girl in there, all with great success.
i hung out with some friends listening to a guy spin records til 4 a.m. and came home and passed the fuck out.
i woke up hungover as hell, just ate some pesto and garlic bread i made from scratch a few nights ago with some san pellegrino and my friend sara is coming up to hang out with me in a little bit.

my life here is really great.
i have lots of really awesome friends and i don’t have nearly enough time to see all of them.
despite my weekdays, the weekends are so killer, i’m really really glad i moved here.
i’ve never been happier in my entire life.


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