November 24, 2008

top songs of october:
beach boys – come go with me
beach boys – when i grow up (to be a man)
MGMT – kids
MGMT – electric feel
beach boys – do it again
beach boys – summer means new love
tubelord – i am azzerad
beach boys – little honda
beach boys – all summer long
jimi hendrix – bold as love (the jimi hendrix experience)
margot and the nuclear so and so’s – broadripple is burning
sharks keep moving – open bay
minus the bear – guns and ammo
minus the bear – we are not a football team (acoustic)
thursday – in silence
ra ra riot – dying is fine
the lawrence arms – on with the show
MGMT – weekend wars
ra ra riot – ghost under rocks
the zombies – care of cell 44
ra ra riot – can you tell
alkaline trio – into the night (acoustic)
trentemøller – nightwalker
ra ra riot – each year
trentemøller – take me into your skin (live at roskilde 2007)

you should seriously download this mix here.

general: i really miss summer and my lakehouse already.
the few times i’ve spent up there with great friends really gave me a new appreciation for it.
i’m going to miss it for a while, but it makes me look that much more forward to next summer and all the killer times i’m going to have up there.
diesel released a special pair of jeans for their 30th anniversary in very limited quantities.
i’m really upset i didn’t get these .
i’m really bad at updating this in a timely fashion.

basics: candy, san pellegrino, work, music, friends, chicago, drinks, bars.

work: i got hired into work into the federal division.
i was previously a contractor working with three other contractors who had been there up to a little over a year and got hired in first.
i’m really proud of myself.
my job was pretty good, but my new job is going to open a lot of new doors for me.

family: my grandma passed away a few weeks ago.
i built a computer for my other grandma and she likes it a lot.
i took my dad out for his 50th birthday with my brother and sister and he liked that a lot.

social: i tend to be pretty lazy during the week due to work and commuting.
but still trying to go out and be as active as possible.
i need to start to going to more bars around my house.
the times i do go out tend to be pretty good.
i basically live for the weekends.
i really feel i was negatively affected by pretty much all of my time at niu and made me forget what it was like to have great friends that i get along with on a much higher level.
lately i’ve been trying to be as social as possible and meeting lots of people and hanging out with friends.

i was at a show a couple weeks ago and a friend of a friend i got introduced to that night told me he used to check out all the pictures i took when i first started photographing bands and when i still had my website where i would document nights out with my friends.
it made me feel really good to be recognized for that again, it’s been a long time.
he commented on the way i capture everything about my life… the way he described it made me feel great.

it’s kind of a bummer some of my friends live all over the city

romantic: sweet talker.

drink: whiskey, beer, chimay, stolen beers from backstage, ridiculous amounts of wine.

book: eBooks.

music: i’ve been listening to ridiculous amounts of music lately (much more than normal).
i’ve also been shooting lots of shows, which is ALWAYS awesome.

i’m glad i can listen to music when i’m working, it makes time pass by so much faster and allows me to listen to all the great new music i’ve been getting.
pet sounds is ridiculous.
i find it strange that songs brian wilson wrote when he was my age i feel so connected to.

since moving to chicago, i’ve been listening to a lot of chicago bands, mainly alkaline trio and the lawrence arms.
more than anything, the songs just make a lot more sense.

random 1: i’m in love with the girls from ra ra riot.
random 2: two people commented to me about my mix last month. that felt good.

random: it’s weird looking back on blog entries from a year ago predicting where i would be now and how they’re so accurate.


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