January 29, 2009

lot’s has been going on.
the remainder of my week tends to be filled up by tuesday.
i really like my friends that i see on a regular basis.
i’m still constantly learning lots about myself and others.
some shitty stuff has been coming at me from all directions, but i’m really good at finding solutions.
i’ve got a long 102 hours ahead of me, night.



January 27, 2009

the colonel decides on this mild grey day to bring his time into present time.
he looks on the objects on the breakfast table, calculating the moves to clear it.
he measures the distance of his chair to the table, how to push chair back and stand up without hitting his legs.
he has discovered the simple and basic discipline of d.e.
doiicie (do easy).
he becomes an insidious student of d.e.
cleaning the flat is a problem of logistics.
he knows every paper, every object; and many of them now have names.
knives, forks and spoons flash through his fingers and tinkle into drawers.
cigarette packages and crumpled papers land un-airingly in the wastebasket as a zen master can hit his target with an arrow in the dark.
d.e. is a way of doing.
d.e. simply means doing whatever you do in the easiest, most relaxed way you can manage.
which is also the quickest and most efficient way, as you will find as you advance in d.e.
you can start right now tidying up your flat.
moving your furniture or books, washing dishes, making tea, sorting papers.
don’t fumble, jerk, grab an object.
drop cool possessive fingers onto it like a gentle old cop making a soft arrest.
guide a dustpan lightly to the floor as if you were landing a plane.
learn to place an object firmly and quietly in its place and do not let your fingers move that object as they leave it there.
when you put down a cup, separate your fingers cleanly from the cup.
if you don’t catch that nervous finger that won’t let go of that handle, you may twitch hot tea across the duchess.
every object you touch is alive with your touch and your will.
don’t tug or pull at a zipper.
guide the little metal teeth smoothly along, feeling the sinuous ripples of cloth and flexible metal.
never let a poorly executed sequence pass.
there is always a reason for missing an easy toss, repeat toss, and you will find it.

surely, this is the easy way.

if you wrap your knuckles against a window jam or door, brush your leg against a desk, or catch your feet in the curled up corner of a rug, or strike a toe against a chair; go back, and repeat sequence.
you may experience a strange feeling, as if the objects are alive and hostile.
trying to twist out of your fingers, jump out at you and stub your toe or trip you.
you will be surprised how far off course you were to hit that chair, that window jam or door.
get back on course, and do it again.

no student of d.e. would have his pocket picked applying d.e. in the street.
picking his route through slower walkers.
don’t get stuck behind that baby carriage.
careful when you round that corner, don’t bump into somebody coming around the other way.
everyday tasks become painful and boring because you think of them as work, something to be fumbled and stumbled over.
overcome this block and you will find that d.e. can be applied to anything you do, even to the final discipline of doing nothing.
the easier you do it, the less you have to do.

he who has learned to do nothing with his whole mind and body will have everything done for him.

alpine valley.

January 19, 2009

alpine valley.

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January 16, 2009

i can’t believe how much money i spent on records today.
but a lot of them were one’s i’ve been meaning to get and/or couldn’t find anywhere else.
i don’t like having physical media in my life but i feel i’m never going to get rid of my vinyl and it’s going to keep growing.

hardest to find/super expensive, but some of my top favorite records ever:
at the drive-in – relationship of command
saves the day – through being cool
the smashing pumpkins – mellon collie and the infinite sadness

liner notes.

January 14, 2009

these are the recording notes of the appleseed cast’s low level owl volumes I and II.
this is why this is one of my favorite records of all time.
(ps i typed this whole thing in like 8 minutes with next to no spelling errors)

“we went into low level owl with a million ideas and once we got to red house we had a million more. the basic tracking was done together in isolation booths. cobra later finished the drum tracks. he used two older 1960’s slingerland kits for most tracking, using certain drums for certain songs. we used the big twenty-four inch bass drum for most of it. we tried drums in the small room but ended up going with the large open room because we’re in love with the way it sounds in there. marc finished up his bass tracks next and the foundation for most of the songs were laid. marc used a hammond b3 organ for some of his bass parts. he used a fender jazz bass and an ampeg svt 2 pro for the rest of it. enter guitar mayhem. since all the basic tracks were concrete, it was time to take on the task of filling up the songs with sounds using our guitars and other toys. we started making noise with a pile of pedals, mainly the line 6 delay modeler, a small stone, an old dod delay and a faithful fender twin reverb. we used a les paul studio, a fender strat, ed’s telecaster and a fender jaguar for the electric stuff. we used an old alvarez for the acoustic parts. ed did some amazing studio tricks, flipping tape, running it backwards, slowing it down, basically trying anything on whim. we tuned guitars to open b and g on a few choruses to get some different tones and doubled a lot with acoustics. we also traveled into unknown territory using lots of percussion instruments like tambourines and sleigh bells to fill and add color. we put piano, rhodes and / or organ on almost every song. although none of us are really keyboard players, we thought the songs needed it. once we started using them we decided not to stop.

we spent hours on each element of every song, going through each one making sure we didn’t add too much or too little. eventually we felt all the music was there and it was time for vocals. we used a lot of effects and positive mental attitude to get it done right… changing words and choruses, singing less or singing more until every song sounded right. we then spent countless hours watching ed put it all together, adding a little here and there to get the mix right. keep in mind that we had twenty-two songs to mix as both volumes of low level owl were done together. through a lot of coffee, cigarettes, chinese food, beverages and misbehavior with hula and the cat, we finally completed the project. there’s a lot of experimentation in these songs, loops, echoes, footsteps, leaves blowing outside the front of the studio. it’s real headphone material. there’s also a lot of blood, sweat and tears in these recordings… a lot of “what if we try this.” we hoped to make something a little different. we thank ed for being the fifth member of this band, making this record a reality and putting up with us. and thanks to john for believing in this project. thank you.

low level owl was recorded in october, november and december of 2000 at red house recording in eudora, kansas. ed rose engineered, recorded and co-produced the record with the appleseed cast over a total of three weeks divided into three sessions. mastered by mark schwarz at uberstudio in chicago, illinois. layout and design by christopher crisci and john szuch. visit with us at http://www.theappleseedcast.com. all songs copyright 2001 i wish i was but oh well.”

these lyrics are my life.

January 14, 2009

this is a city for not sleeping,
and the clocks are set by feel.
at this moment from where i sit,
none of it seems real.


January 12, 2009

this came printed on a sheet of letterhead from the snowboard shop i got recently bought my burton luggage from:

“in addition to friendship, attitude is one of the few things in life where we have a true choice. we cannot change what is fated to happen or the actions of events or other people.

what we can change is our reaction to such things with the attitude we adopt. in truth, our attitude can be more important than anything we do. it can make or break families, companies, and nations. it is more important than schooling, talent, looks, or wealth.

how we react is everything and our attitude is the choice we have; it is a choice we make every minute of every day. it is a state of mind that no one can take from us. if we are in control of our attitudes, we are in command of our lives. and that is the best way to live.”

low level owl I+II, 1000 pressed.

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January 12, 2009

i knew exactly where I was
and i knew the meaning of it all
and i knew the distance to the sun
and i knew the echo that is love
and i knew the the secrets in your spires
and i knew the emptiness of youth
and i knew the solitude of heart
and i knew the murmurs of the soul
and the world is drawn into your hands
and the world is etched upon your heart
and the world so hard to understand
is the world you cant live without
and i knew the silence of the world


January 12, 2009

good weekend.
tearing up west town with hogan friday, friends birthday wristband extravaganza in lincoln park saturday, and skiing with friends all day today.
i’m beat.