January 6, 2009

top songs of december:
kanye west – say you will
kanye west – paranoid
trentemoller – rykketid
SCSI-9 – contape
SIS – dim dim
thrice – a song for milly michaelson
built to spill – reasons
built to spill – car
refused – refused are fucking dead
thrice – atlantic
thrice – red sky
thrice – open water
claude vonstroke – deep throat
thrice – image of the invisible
kanye west – amazing
the smashing pumpkins – try (version 1)
the lawrence arms – faintly falling ashes (acoustic)
black sabbath – sabbath bloody sabbath
pele – hummingbirds eat
bayside – a long december
honey for petzi – golem
the lawrence arms – criminal
maybeshewill – the paris hilton sex tape
the national – squalor victoria
nightmares on wax – calling
radiohead – videotape (scotch mist version)
minilogue – doiicie A + B
kanye west – see you in my nightmares
the calm blue sea – we happy few
black sabbath – planet caravan
grand archives – miniature birds

download the mix here.

new years resolutions: drink less (or at least in better moderation), smoke less, be entirely organized 100% of the time, being super productive as much as possible, thing of more things to invent or good business ideas, listen to lots more music, be more sociable to complete strangers, start working out with my friends at the gym at work, cook lots more, stop eating out so damn much, pretty much revamp my entire wardrobe, spoil myself with technology, eliminate all procrastination, save more money, start writing in this blog (any my other blog) more… that’s a pretty good start, you get where i’m going with this. it’s been going great so far and i’m really happy about all of the decisions i’ve been making.

general: staying productive, working from home, organizing everything in my life, trying out new cafe’s everyday, hanging out with friends in chicago, trying out new bars every night.

basics: staying warm, vinyl records, beer, mexican food, sushi, weekly mitsuwa adventures, working from home, green tea, ikea, design, shopping.

work: working from home is so sick. i’m working from home today currently typing this in a coffee bar by my house called the fixx. it’s pretty nice and free wifi and a block from my house.
but going super well, i’m excited for the next couple months.

my mom and brother came down last sunday for breakfast and we walked around chicago and went shopping and they had a really good time.

social: lots.
i wish chicago and schaumburg and algonquin were a lot closer together.

romantic: normal girls.
it’s nice having a solid connection with someone, and getting past all the bullshit.
things have been going well.

drink: i’m trying not to drink so much.
but mainly just really insane belgium beers and wine.

music: i’ve been starting everyday listening to side two of abbey road in the shower, it’s been going very well.
i’ve been buying tons of vinyl lately. if there’s a record that i really like and i can listen to over and over, i just want to hear it on vinyl.
too bad saves the day – through being cool goes for like 75 bucks on ebay.

i really like listening to the lawrence arms and alkaline trio knowing that these songs were written a few blocks away from me.
and they’re just really great records.



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