February 16, 2009

lawrence arms – the rabbit and the rooster
built to spill – carry the zero
sharks keep moving – wescott bay 98
kanye west – welcome to heart break
stryke – no turning back
the appleseed cast – the clock and the storm
tellison – fire
cats and cats and cats – sweet drunk everyone
tellison – hanover start clapping
dustin kensrue – pistol
saves the day – cheer
company of thieves – oscar wilde
toe – kodoku no hatsumei
toe – past and language
minilogue – we all
kanye west – get ’em high (a-trak remix)
kanye west – throw some (cousin cole remix)
dustin kensrue – i knew you before
radiohead – four minute warning

download the mix here.

general: long hair, wearing button downs everyday, hating winter, dreaming of summer, taking things in entirely, slowing down and noticing everything.

basics: keeping warm, chicago, wild weekends, productive weeks, hanging out with friends.

work: my trip got pushed back to april which is kinda lame.
i’m trying to finish up my projects as fast as possible so i can take a vacation.

family: taking good care of them.
trying to be a really good big brother.
going snowboarding with my brother.

my parents call me pretty much every day, but about once a week the conversation shifts towards how proud they are of me and everything i’ve done.
it makes me feel really good.

social: lately i’m starting to see how much people’s priorities are out of whack.
i really love the life i lead.
i’m making great strides to improve myself in many areas.
i’m still young, but if i want to live the extravagant life that i have in my mind, i need to work harder.

lately nights have been starting later and lasting super late, but being super awesome.
i love living here.
i have really great friends, and i’m starting to get really comfortable in chicago.

romantic: i really feel like i am understanding girls a lot more lately.
more than anything, i’m learning how they work and how to make them work the way i want them to.

drink: beck’s premium light is spectacular.
as is fat tire mighty arrow.
and new glarus spotted cow.
and rumple minz + hot chocolate.
oh man.
other than that, went to the whistler a couple weeks ago and got some delicious drinks, probably best i’ve ever had.

book: i don’t really have time to read, i wish i did.
instead, when commuting i just listen to books on tape.
it’s definitely the best solution for me being short on time and still getting the material out of it.
current is eckhart tolle – the power of now.

i’ve been starting every day listening to side 2 of abbey road or side 1 of goddamnit on vinyl on the speakers above my shower.
it’s going pretty well.

the uk has a pretty good little indie scene going on, but some of it is really bad.
i saw a live/acoustic thrice/saves the day/get up kids/bayside show…. chris connely is a god.
i spend way too much money on records.

i really can’t wait til summer.


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