January 2, 2010

well, first off, here’s my resolutions from last year: “drink less (or at least in better moderation), smoke less, be entirely organized 100% of the time, being super productive as much as possible, thing of more things to invent or good business ideas, listen to lots more music, be more sociable to complete strangers, start working out with my friends at the gym at work, cook lots more, stop eating out so damn much, pretty much revamp my entire wardrobe, spoil myself with technology, eliminate all procrastination, save more money, start writing in this blog (any my other blog) more…”

i’ve been really good at everything with the exception of spoiling myself more and that’s due to saving/paying off my credit cards. and the blogs. i kinda miss writing in blogs and its crazy that i used to blog so much, but i’m ok with not blogging.

well, resolutions for 2010:
keep getting computer certifications or go back to school – i’m getting my network+ and security+ certifications in february. hopefully also getting my certified ethical hacking certification also. my work will pay for my masters. and i know i should do it, but i really enjoy my lifestyle and don’t want to go back to school and be even busier than i already am. but at the same time i kinda wanna do it as i hear it’s not that bad. i don’t know. we’ll see. but i should really do that soon.

keep working out – it’s good for you and makes you look better naked.

cook more – yes i’ve been better at not eating out/cooking more. it’s really good. i’m really good at making food. cooking is a very valuable life skill to have and i like learning how to cook. i would really like to be going grocery shopping like twice a week and making the most out of all my ingredients and not letting anything go to waste.

pretty girls – i recently came to the conclusion that i don’t really want a relationship right now in my life. if an extremely exceptional girl came along that could change things. but as of right now i really like not being tied down. i like going on dates with girls and talking to girls and doing things with girls. girls come and go in waves but some i keep around. i am ok with this. it’s nice knowing i am found attractive by nice smart pretty girls. i think girls are kinda weirded out by my personality at first, but after a little bit of talking get hooked on me. it’s nice. i’ve also been a lot more direct with girls. it’s kind of a social ice breaker and gets people a lot more comfortable with your true personality a lot quicker. also, being direct screens out girls that suck anyways thus eliminating any wasted time. at the same time i don’t want a relationship, i do miss the regularity of having a cool chick in my life. it’s handy to have one for things such as hangs, cooking, exploring the city, weddings, etc. and sex on the reg is a huge plus. however, i feel i kinda just want a casual psuedo relationship as opposed to a real one and see how that goes. we’ll see. whatever. this was randomly typed, but so is my life.

music – listen to more of it. this time last year i was just starting to dive into electronic music. now i’m totally into it. i want to get waaaaay more into it. and hopefully my vinyl addiction won’t get too bad, techno records are expensive. when i go to electronic music parties or clubs and see dj’s spinning, i think how awesome and easy it is and how i would really enjoy doing that. joe is buying a nice synth soon. and just set up his tables in a dj configuration. time to learn how to dj. i feel like i might get sucked into that world. and i might like it, but more than anything, be really good at it. the scene is really picking up in the states and namely chicago, hoping that it gets even better in the future.

outside of techno, i’m really seldom impressed any more. i still am really into instrumental math rock, but there’s only so many good bands for that genre. indie music is dead. or just sounding really shit. techno is the future of music.

tattoos – finish sleeve. make sure i want my other sleeve. get.more.tattoos.

travel more – i need to go to europe and japan. i will bring my snowboard.

friends – the friends that were my good friends last year are my best friends this year. i love my friends and the social life i have here. but at the same time, i enjoy meeting new cool people and hope to continue doing so. humans are the funniest things i’ve come across yet.

business – my mind has been more creative and active as of late. i get more good ideas more often. it’s quite refreshing after a period of a bit of down time. i’m sick of being only moderately successful. it is my life goal to create some amazing invention that will make the world a better place (and me super fucking rich). i need to be thinking more and be more aware of my surroundings at all times.

chicago – i love this city. however due to winter and being burned out from work i don’t really go out during the week. i need to go out and explore chicago more and take part of the awesome things that are going on all over this beautiful city.

work – i like my job a lot. i’m starting to care about it a lot. i’m really good at my job. however, there’s always room for improvement.

finances – be more reasonable with my spending, pay off credit cards. my credit card debt is just kind of a nuisance right now as i know i shouldn’t be booking trips to japan when i have billz to pay.

the internet – spend less time on it checking my facebook 2153292 times a day. instead, read.

and more than anything – learn to stop taking the world so damn seriously.


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