February 23, 2010

i’m looking up information on a masters program at UIC for computer engineering.
i’m also listening to really good electronic music.
i know i should continue my education as it will cost me nothing.
and it would be nice having a purpose and responsibility outside of my job.
but at the same time i’m worried.
basically about how much time it will consume.
but mostly if i can do it.

just looking at this information, and thinking about what i thought my life in chicago would be like a couple years ago; makes me realize i have very little figured out.
things are very different from what i pictured they would be.
not bad, just different.

i know i want to change the world.
but i don’t know how yet.
i just wonder if more school is really the answer, as i feel i don’t even use anything i learned in my undergrad.
i’ve been getting computer certifications, so in reality, i haven’t stopped learning.
but those are quick and relatively easy and i’m really good at them.
and my work pays for it.
but at the same time i’m running out of certs to get and wonder what i can do with the ones i do have.

i don’t feel like the m-f 9-5 work week is for me.
i like staying up all night, and going out, and having fun.
i wish i could do it every night.
i listen to lots of electronic music.
and feel like it’s something i could be very very good at.
and it would entirely accommodate to my desired lifestyle schedule.
with the possibility of becoming huge and playing sick clubs all over the world.
or at the least making some new friends and playing chicago.
i’m going to my first ableton live class thursday.
i feel this will either inspire or discourage me.
as cool as that sounds, at the same time, i see how many other people are involved with electronic music and are creating it.
despite most of them being from outside the states, i see how many other people are way more into the scene than i am.

regardless, i need to make some serious life decisions very soon.
i need to decide if more school is really right for me.

electronic music producer, computer engineer masters student, or network security/hacking expert?



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