i’m a 23 year old electrical engineer/photographer living in chicago.

i have lots of cool friends i have a great time with, i listen to lots of music, i do lots of fun stuff.

i love my life.

these are the images from my day to day life as they are happening, as well as a monthly update of myself.

primary interests: living in chicago, my awesome friends, meeting new people, summer, concerts, riding bikes, swimming, wakeboarding, frisbee, things with engines that go fast, carrying at least one camera on me at all times, taking lots of pictures, documenting my life, being busy all day every day, chicago bars, driving too fast, listening to music as loud as possible, digital SLR photography, guitar, vinyl records, nag champa, txtmsging, gmail, spending ridiculous amounts of time making mix cd’s, high fives, awesome jeans, hookah, smoke, 1950’s-1970’s rock history, fireworks, minimalism, punctuality, design, being extremely organized, grocery shopping, cooking, insane beer, whiskey, partying hard, blacking out, green tea, wearing shoes/shirts as little as possible

music i listen to: MINUS THE BEAR, the snake the cross the crown, at the drive-in, rx bandits, the sound of animals fighting, john mayer, tubelord, the mars volta, the alkaline trio, ghosts and vodka, chin up chin up, colossal, the dear hunter, the lawrence arms, as tall as lions, sharks keep moving, 311, the appleseed cast, andrew wk, the album leaf, wax on radio, braid, radiohead, muse, coheed and cambria, the faint, russian circles, against me!, bohren und der club of gore, foo fighters, saves the day, joan of arc, refused, iron maiden, motley crue, unwed sailor, kanye west, tortoise

the beach boys, jimi hendrix, led zeppelin, pink floyd, van morrison, the allman brothers band, boston, thin lizzy, stevie ray vaughan, beatles, bob marley, david bowie, t rex, crosby stills nash (and young), sergio mendes and brasil ’66, and pretty much all 70’s rock

heartthrob, magda, richie hawtin, errors, 65daysofstatic, datA, daft punk, LITE, MSTRKRFT, justice, kammerflimmer kollektief, boards of canada, four tet, trentemøller, modeselektor, michael mayer, SCSI-9, audion, gaiser


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