i’m currently listening to my copy of the appleseed cast’s sagarmatha on vinyl on my audiophile headphones.
the song “the summer before” is currently on.
i saw them about a month ago.
they played this song.
the lyrics start with:

“out of the camera lens
is arizona
and arizona’s as good as

i saw the appleseed cast about a month ago and was shooting the show and lost one of my friend’s lenses which totally sucked.
i just got back from california this week and am currently sorting through pictures of the trip.
i’m going to arizona in three weeks.

sometimes everything just comes together.


i promise you with warm salt air,
hallowed breezes in your hair.
days on end and days long gone,
the beach and the fires and the nights are gone.
flow. tide. ebb.
road. night. sky.
sand. home.
the fair in the park,
by the sea in my heart,
is never gone.